LBVC bookings for Shoreditch Park

Use this form to book or cancel a booking for use of the LBVC Equipment stored at Britannia Leisure Centre, at least 48 hours in advance of your booking. We aim to process your booking request / cancellation within 48 hours, however as we are volunteers it may take longer. If you require sooner attention to your request, please contact our bookings co-ordinator at Bookings are processed on a first come - first served basis. The Bookings Co-ordinator will contact you directly if the time you have requested is no longer available. Please limit your booking to one session per weekend for your group, unless your group has more than 10 participants. You can request a second session if one is not booked by Thursday evening, in the comments section of the booking form. For Shoreditch Park: At the time of hire, you will need to complete the sign out register and collect the equipment at: Britannia Leisure Centre 40 Hyde Road Hackney N1 5JU Opening hours are normally: Mon - Fri: 7am to 10pm Bank Holidays: 9am to 6pm Sat-Sun: 8am to 8pm MAKE SURE YOU BRING: - Membership card - £60 CASH deposit (refundable upon same day return of the equipment) MAKE SURE YOU COMPLETE THE REGISTER AT THE LEISURE CENTRE WHEN YOU TAKE THE EQUIPMENT OUT AND UPON RETURN. This is to make the Leisure Centre accountable for the administration of hire, and to collect data on court use for funding applications. EQUIPMENT MUST BE RETURNED NO LATER THAN 30MIN BEFORE CLOSING.
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