* If you are a Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant, DO NOT FILL OUT THIS REQUEST! You must come to the Enrollment Services Center and request your work-verification in person. * Document requests require 14 days for processing * Do NOT return to the ESC to pick up your work-verification. Your work-verification will be e-mailed to your Rebelmail account.
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University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Enrollment Services Center 4505 Maryland Parkway Las Vegas, Nevada 89154 Telephone: (702) 895-3443 Fax: (702) 895-1118 Email: OISS@unlv.edu


Fall & Spring Work-Verifications: Undergraduates must be enrolled in 12 credits, only 3 of which can be web-based. Graduate students must be enrolled in 9 credits, only 3 of which can be web-based. Summer Work-Verifications: Undergraduates & Graduates need to enroll in at least 1 course during Summer term OR be full-time for the Fall term (see enrollment rules above) to request a Regular On-Campus work-verification. Winter Break Work-Verifications: You need to be registered full-time (see enrollment rules above) for the upcoming Spring term.