Unitio Submission Form

Welcome to Unitio.org Please complete this submission form to the best of your ability. We realize that some of the information requested may be more of a commercial nature and outside your domain expertise. In these instances, please indicate as "need assistance". If you have data that supports your technology, please provide the information under separate email. If you have all of your materials in front of you, completion of this form should only take about 30 to 45 minutes. You should be able to cut and paste directly into the form. All members of Unitio.org are volunteers and are not bound to confidentiality by either MassBio or their employers. Avoid disclosing proprietary information if possible; it is best to avoid molecular structure of drugs, enabling disclosures, or specific processes. Rather describe the opportunity in terms of benefits, published data, patent applications (preferably published). After you complete the form, you can fax your application to xxx-xxx-xxxx attention to Business Development & Strategic Alliances at Unitio.org or scan it and email it to gsrinivasan@t1dexchange.org (preferred over the faxing). If you complete this electronically, the form will permit you to email back the form to Unitio.org directly. If you have questions, please contact Gayathri Srinivasan at gsrinivasan@t1dexchange.org
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