Focused Inquiry Network (FIN)

The Focused Inquiry Networks are informal, dynamic groups of faculty and staff (and sometimes others) at a community college whose members learn together about their professional practice by conducting an inquiry about a topic of importance to them. The inquiry steps are (1) design the inquiry; (2) collect data; (3) make meaning and shape practice; and (4) share the information with the college community. Through participation in the FIN, members simultaneously answer important questions and build their capacity to collaboratively conduct such inquiries. FINs are neither student learning communities nor a series of workshops or training sessions. They are communities of faculty and others who inquire and learn together about their professional practice. Within each FIN one or two members serve as its Facilitator. FIN Recorders and Presenters share the work at the college. How can I participate in FIN? If you are interested in participating in the Focused Inquiry Network, please plan to attend the first FIN meeting on September 28 at 2:30 in the CIETL Center in Bldg 3-142. Please bring others who will participate with you in the FIN project. Here is the form you will complete to begin focusing your inquiry.
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