European Responsible Research Training Inventory

Researchers learn a great deal about responsible professional conduct through mentoring and on the job.  Increasingly research institutions are also offering special education and developing responsible conduct of research (best practices) training programs.  The European Responsible Research Training Inventory has been developed to gather and share information about these special efforts in Europe. If you are teaching or are involved in a special effort to teach and develop instruction that seeks to inform researchers about best practices and their professional responsibilities and would like to let others know about your work, please complete and submit this. You can view the live results of this inventory on line at Click on the link for the Global Clearinghouse for Research Integrity.
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Note on submitting several items:

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Part I. Program, Course, or Instructional Materials

Information on any efforts to provide special training or develop training materials to teach/inform researchers about responsible research practices.

Part II. Contact Information

Information on who to contact for more information on the program, course, or materials. Email addresses are optional. Do no provide without permission.

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