Bicycle Safety Education Instructor Training Registration

Monday, January 3, 8:30-3:30p.m. Roosevelt Middle School, 680 E. 24th Avenue FREE As part of our Carol M. White PEP grant Eugene School District 4J is working to implement a comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian safety education program that reaches as many students as possible each year. The Bicycle Transportation Alliance's ten-hour comprehensive curriculum teaches traffic safety to young bicyclists using classroom and on-bike training. Children learn and apply such concepts as turn signals, road positioning, right-of-way rules, turning through intersections, defensive cycling, and health and fitness. Currently BTA staff teach the national award-winning Bike Safety Education curriculum to 4th-7th graders each year in more than 70 schools statewide including several Eugene schools. In this inter-active training we will present the BTA curriculum by introducing core concepts and sharing resources and methods for teaching students bicycle safety. Participants will practice key skills and brainstorm ways to teach the curriculum using the unique resources available at their school. Teachers can bring their own bikes and helmets (required) but there are also bike loans available.
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