Inner Sunset Parklet outside Arizmendi Bakery

Realizing the Inner Sunset's need for outdoor public gathering spaces, local Inner Sunset leaders and Inner Sunset architect Jack Verdon have worked with the popular Arizmendi Bakery at 1331 9th Avenue to submit a "parklet" proposal to the SF Planning Department. A parklet is a sidewalk extension that provides on-street public seating via repurposed parking spaces. A popular example of a parklet is outside Mojo Cafe on Divisadero Street. Our aim with the parklet is not only to provide a centrally located public gathering space in the Inner Sunset but to relieve this often congested section of sidewalk, draw more foot traffic to local businesses, and add a piece of street furniture that will enhance 9th Avenue's aesthetic qualities. For concept images of the parklet, see here: Our application to the SF Planning Department was recently approved! Now, we just need to show public support for the parklet at an upcoming public hearing on March 2nd, 9pm, at City Hall room 400. Your support is critical! Please sign this petition and help make this project a reality. (Note: This petition is just to demonstrate support at the hearing. Your details will be kept private.) And please come to the public hearing and speak in favor of the parklet - that makes a big difference. Thank you! Contact Adam at for more information.
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