2010 Netty Award Nominations

As a clearinghouse of awesome, we at Net2NO have an obligation to not only foster awesomeness but also give those producing this awesomeness their due. Enter the 2nd annual Netty Awards. We are doing things a little different this year, now that we have one under our belts. Below you will find many of the same fun categories you all remember (or probably don't remember if you happened to be the Cuervo winner) plus the addition of a few brand new ones. Please, take a moment to browse all the categories, sit back, relax, perhaps grab a beverage, adult or otherwise, and think about the people or organizations who deserve to be presented with their very own custom made pint glass, er Netty Award. When possible, please provide the name of the individual or organization, their contact info (so we can tell them when they win!) and a brief explanation of their awesomeness.
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Mr. Net2NO

Ms. Net2NO

Mr. Ray Nichols Memorial Award

Ladies Man Award

The Community Awards

The following nominations may be awarded to a member of the New Orleans tech/social good community at large and NOT necessarily a Net2NO member.

The Entrevator of the Year Netty Award

This is the single highest honor we can bestow. Awarded to the male/female who through innovation or entrepreneurial enterprise has helped the community to move forward, socially and economically.

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