Barnard Reach Out: April Weekend of Service (April 16th & 17th)

Sign up to volunteer with the New York City Civic Engagement Program's (NYCCEP) Barnard Reach Out: April Weekend of Service! Please rank your top three choices from the volunteer projects listed below. Remember, you are making a commitment to show up at the time you are assigned, so make sure you are absolutely available before you sign up! The registration deadline is TUESDAY, APRIL 12TH, AT 11:59PM. You will receive an e-mail by April 14th detailing your project assignment. Spots are filled on a first come, first served basis. Please e-mail with any questions. Here are the project descriptions and times: 1) Friends of Van Cortland Park: Saturday, April 16th, 10am-1pm The Friends of Van Cortlandt Park is a not-for-profit organization that partners with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation to support the conservation and improvement of Van Cortlandt Park. Two volunteer projects are available to students: (1) general park clean up, which will include tree plantings and invasive plant removal, and (2) the clean up and refurbishing of the riding stables. 2) Westside Crime Prevention Program: Saturday, April 16th, 12pm-3pm OR Sunday, April 17th, 12pm-3pm The Westside Crime Prevention Program (WCPP), founded in 1980, is an independent community based not-for-profit organization that works to keep the Upper West Side of Manhattan safe for everyone who lives, works or goes to school in the neighborhood. Volunteers will go in small groups to businesses around Morningside Heights and Harlem and try to recruit them to be "safe havens" for children who feel unsafe in the area. 3) City Harvest: Saturday, April 16th: 1-Hour Shifts between 11am to 3pm Did you know more than 1.2 million New Yorkers do not always know where their next meal will come from? NYCCEP has partnered with City Harvest to get Barnard and Columbia students involved in feeding the hungry. All we need is your willingness and a little bit of your time. In one hour shifts students will stand in front of the Westside Market to collect cans of food from anyone willing to donate. The cans we collect will then be donated to City Harvest and used to feed New Yorkers who rely on the organization for food. Your support and help means that someone could have a hot meal for that day. Give back to your community and help someone in need! 4) The Laundromat Project: Saturday, April 16th, 11am to 3pm, 2340 5th Avenue (Main Office) The Laundromat Project (The LP) is is a community-based public art non-profit that brings arts programming to laundromats in the Greater New York area through two core programs: Create Change Public Artist Residency and Works in Progress. Both programs seek to raise the quality of life for people whose incomes do not guarantee broad access to mainstream arts and cultural facilities. Works in Progress is a series of art workshops based out of laundromats in Harlem, and soon, Brooklyn. LP tries to provoke creativity while people are in the laundromat watching their clothes tumble. So LP came up with a way that could "Save themselves from boredom" with the Laundromat Survival Kit! The All-in-One pack has the tools and activities that people need to get through the wash and dry cycles. Some of the activities will include: · Turning an old t-shirt into a summery necklace! · Folding magazine pages into origami samurai hats! · Sending an origami samurai hat along with a letter to your aunt! · And turning your empty detergent bottle into a flower planter! The Laundromat Survival Kit includes all the old materials and instructions people will need to make new art projects, including a stamped envelope, paper, a clean t-shirt, soil, flower seeds, buttons, patches, needle and thread. The volunteer project with LP will consist of volunteers (like you!) helping to prepare the materials for these survival kits.
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