WCC Request for Notetaking Services (Disability Services)

If you are elgibile for a note taker as part of your accommodations please complete the information below and submit it to request copies of classroom notes for your courses. This form should be submitted by the end of the first week of classes to the Disability Counselor in Student Services.
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Personal Information

Course Information

Responsbilities of Notetaking Recipent

RESPONSBILITIES OF NOTETAKING RECIPIENT’S AGREEMENT 1. ATTEND CLASS. 2. Your instructor is your MAIN source of information. Meet with your instructor to discuss the course syllabus and any special requirements for the course. 3. Pick up your notes daily from notetaker or from the Disability Counselor the next day according to your chosen arrangement. 4. Notify the Disability Counselor immediately if you experience problems with any of the following: • No notes received after the class session or one week. • Notes not received on time. • Notes difficult to read (bad copies, can’t read writing, etc.) • Meaning not clear (main ideas, unfamiliar terms not defined, etc.) • Notes incomplete. • Notes no longer needed. • Withdrawal form course or college. • Extenuating circumstances *If notes are not picked up within a two week period and we are not notified of any extenuating circumstances, your note taking accommodation will be terminated for the semester. IF YOU FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES YOU WILL HELP US SERVE YOU MORE EFFICIENTLY! I have read (or had read to me), and have been given the opportunity to discuss the “Responsibilities of Notetaking Recipients” stated above. I understand what is required of me and agree to abide by the responsibility requirements set forth.

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