Stop cruel treatment of unused domains!

There is no doubt that you've purchased a domain name for an idea that you never ended up using. Calm down, you're not in trouble, but let's agree that you have a problem. Premature domain acquisition for absolutely manic reasons is common and easily solved. To begin, admit that you own a domain that you've auto-renewed for years only to let it rot, parked at GoDaddy, and then muster up the courage to do the right thing and donate it to my domain orphanage. I pledge to try and find a good use for your domain. To this end, I will review all donations with my students at SVA's Interaction Design program. They may choose a domain to adopt, prototype an appropriate use for it, and do their best to put it online. Your good bad ideas will come to life! Thank you for doing this small part to help add value to the Internet. -- Zach Klein
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