2010 Global Education Conference

In partnership with Elluminate, we are holding an online, virtual conference on November 15-19, 2010. Our conference strands are set to include: Teachers (professional development, training, etc.), Students (student-led initiatives, exchange programs, service learning etc.), Pedagogy (curriculum, digital citizenship, assessment etc. ), Policy and Leadership (exemplary schools, ICT infrastructure, government initiatives etc.), and Change (peace and social justice, equity, etc.). If you are interested in joining our mailing list to stay informed of developments, please sign up using this form. We will be sending out periodic updates as we get closer to the conference. If you want to serve on the educator advisory board, sign up and you will start receiving notifications of meetings. We hope that you will jump and attend! Thanks for your support. Steve Hargadon hargadon@gmail.com http://www.stevehargadon.com/ Lucy Gray elemenous@gmail.com http://elemenous.typepad.com THIS FORM CAN ALSO BE ACCESSED DIRECTLY AT HTTP://TINYURL.COM/GLOBALEDCON
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