Department of Sociology and Anthropology Override Request Form

Completing this form will put you on the waiting list for: 1) A class that is closed/full, or 2) SOCY 390 (required course for graduating Sociology majors), or 3) A class for which you do not have the necessary pre-/co-requisites. Complete one form for each class for which you are requesting an override. A faculty member telling you that can get into their class will not actually get you into the class. We evaluate override requests from students based upon need (e.g., an ANTH or SOCY student who must have the class to graduate on time) and the student's location on the waiting list. If a spot becomes available for you in the class, you will receive an email notifying you. Keep in mind that you could hear the status as late as the drop/add deadline for that semester. If you do not hear anything from us, that means we were not able to accommodate your request. Direct any questions about the status of your request to Department's Administrative Coordinator
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