Google Brussels Tech Talks - “An engineer's vision for Internet privacy”

by Dr Alma Whitten, Software Engineer, Head for Google's Applied Security engineering team and engineering lead for privacy When: Thursday 28 January, 12:15 - 13:45 hours CET (Sandwich lunch provided). Where: Google Brussels, Chaussée D'Etterbeek 180 - Steenweg op Etterbeek 180, 2nd floor, 1040 Brussels
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This event is primarily aimed at policy makers from EU institutions, but we'll be happy to welcome a wider audience if we have enough chairs. We will email you a confirmation of attendance by Tuesday 26 January. Please bring this confirmation with you. We'll also email you if the room is full. We'll keep a record of confirmed attendees' details as provided through this form for future reference. If you have not received a confirmation of attendance and have not indicated that you wish to be informed about upcoming Google events, the details submitted through this form will be deleted after the event.

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