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*** January 2012 Update--Due to the seasonality of Humboldt squid, we have run out of specimens and are not currently able to fill orders. Applications are still accepted, but will be added to the end of a rather long waiting list. As soon as the squid return to replenish our stock, we will start filling these backlogged orders. We will contact you to confirm your order before shipping. At this time we can only ship one squid per applicant. Thank you for your interest and patience! *** Request a Humboldt squid for your classroom or outreach event. Our squid are not food quality, and are for educational use only! If you will not be using the squid right away, you will need freezer space up to 3.5ft x 1ft x 1ft for storage. Take the squid out to thaw at room temperature at least 8 hours before dissection--overnight is even better. After your activity, please fill out the short survey linked from the main Squids4Kids website. Your comments will improve our program and are much appreciated.
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