OpenSIPS Social Event

OpenSIPS Social Event, Miami, FL, USA, February 3, 2011 - 06:30PM Address: 11481 NW 12th St Miami ,FL 33172, near Miami International Mall This is a unique opportunity to meet the developers and the OpenSIPS community. The purpose of this event is to allow people involved in the project to meet, discuss and have fun. This is a "do what ever you like" event where developers, community people, users, fans, etc will get together, talk (even about project :) ), have fun, etc. It will be an opportunity to get get together and meet the peoples behind the names (on mailing list, trackers, forums, IRC, etc). The event will take place at Dave & Buster's Miami , with food, drinks, billiards and others. To attend, you need to let us know, by registering (Registration form will be short available, in the mean while send an email to or )
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