(Hey kids it's the) 2010 Noisebridge poll! PAGE ONE

So here at the Noisebridge Hackerspace Pseudo-Science HQ, we're currently trying to work out what people lerve about Noisebridge, what they hate, but mostly whether they think they're paying us money (lots of Paypal payments got screwed up, we almost went broke, big drama, long story), and what might help them pay some money (so we don't get into financial trouble again). We think such random questions will help make things even more excellent, perhaps even the everpresent dream of being the local maxima of excellent for this causal lightcone. It's only four pages long, and the pages get shorter. Feel free to be anonymous or not leave a forwarding address, but it helps if you're not, because then we can mail you and hug you and ask you stuff in a more human fashion. The email addresses won't get distributed. If you don't want your comments attributed to your given name, there's a box for that at the end. Onward!