Cal-Minnesota Grades and Opinions

We'll be calculating the best grades based on the rubric below to come up with a community report card we'll reveal later this week. The best opinions and insights will be put into a post later this week! So try and think hard of what you noticed during the game! Grades must be submitted by Sunday night at 11:59 PM PST if you want them to count for sure. After that I'll just be like "whatever". Post with the results will be up Tuesday/Wednesday. Sample grading rubric A: Perfect (4 points) A-: Great (3.7 points) B+: Pretty Good (3.3 points) B: Good (3 points) B-: Fair (2.7 points) C+: Average (2.3 points) C: Meh (2 points) C-: Bad (1.5 points D: Very Bad (1 points) D-: Awful (0.5 points) F: FAIL (0 points) N/A: Don't have enough information to grade this position.
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