Polo / T-Shirt Order Form for QC Co-Lab

I will be ordering QC Co-Lab shirts on Tuesday. I know it's late notice but that is the deadline for us to get the shirts by the Grand Opening. Each QC Co-Lab member will be entitled to a five dollar discount on one Polo or one free t-shirt. If you would like to purchase more t-shirts or polos I need to know the quantity here. Here are the shirt options. Please vote on the polo. We need to choose between text or no text for the polos. http://picasaweb.google.com/arronlorenz/QCCoLabShirts?feat=directlink
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Please choose your t-shirt options below. If you don't want a t-shirt don't select anything here. Members can purchase extra t-shirts for $6/shirt after the initial order. Non-members can purchase a shirt for $10 with all proceeds going towards the QC Co-Lab


If you would like to order a polo please choose options here. Polos will be between $20-$30. Larger sizes will be more than smaller ones.

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