We, the undersigned, are outraged at the targeting of Dr. Waziyatawin, PhD by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

(We are no longer accepting signatures on this letter. The FBI has contacted Dr. Waziyatawin and have officially "closed the case" Dr. Waziyatawin said, "I have to believe that the outpouring of support and media coverage helped. I really appreciate the extent of support everyone showed to me.") On November 8th, 2010, Dr. Waziyatawin a well-known Dakota writer, activist and teacher, was invited and presented a talk at Winona State University concerning the brutal realities of the colonization of this continent’s land, its resources, and First Nations People. She also spoke of a common need to restore our environment and a way of living that is not reliant on capitalism and the destruction of nature. The timing of the speech served to reinforce some of her points. At the time she spoke, members of the Dakota Nation were holding a Commemorative March along the route that nearly two thousand Dakota people were forcibly marched in 1862. The march route passes through Winona on its way from Lower Sioux Agency to Fort Snelling, where, over the winter of 1862-1863, those who managed to survive the march itself faced confinement, starvation, disease, rape and (for many), death. Shortly after Dr. Waziyatawin’s talk, a letter to the editor appeared in the Winona Post accusing Dr. Waziyatawin of making “terroristic threats”. In January 2011, the Federal Bureau of Investigation called Dr. Waziyatawin to question her speech and beliefs. We, the undersigned, see Dr. Waziyatawin’s Truth Telling as an important and honorable step toward healing the injustice of this land. We maintain that targeting Dr. Waziyatawin for this Truth Telling is a continued abrogation of justice. Truth Telling is not only about the past - it is also the present and the future. Truth Telling describes not only the harsh realities that First Nations people faced during the initial stages of genocide against them, but also of the long standing efforts of ethnic cleansing: re-location (reservations); boarding schools; forced sterilization; the illegalization of religion, language and culture; decades-long legal battles for recognition from the U.S. government in order to gain access to sacred lands; theft of land, resources, sacred objects and ancestors (burial sites); domestic violence; drug and alcohol abuse; homelessness, incarceration, and racism. We, the undersigned, also condemn these tactics used by the United States government against human rights as state intimidation. With the Patriot Act today, and the Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) before it, government agencies have exploited their power in order to disrupt, disenfranchise and “neutralize” movements that struggle for justice and equality. The recent call the FBI made to Dr. Waziyatawin is not an isolated incident, just as the FBI raids and what is now up to at least 23 Grand Jury subpoenas that have been issued since September 2010 in Minneapolis and Chicago - are all indicative of this government’s continued targeting of social justice movements. We assert that Truth Telling is a necessary step towards reparations, and that reparations are a necessary step towards Indigenous Sovereignty, the healing of our land and all people. We assert that the U.S. government must recognize and be accountable for the hundreds of treaties it has broken with First Nations. We condemn the FBI for targeting members of our community for Truth Telling and for working in solidarity with global Indigenous movements. It is through a united vision of justice for all peoples and a healthier planet that we band together against colonization, imperialism and racism in its many forms. Towards Justice, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network – Twin Cities Celia Kutz, IJAN-TC Jessica Rosenberg, IJAN-TC Josina Manu, IJAN-TC K. Flo Razowsky, IJAN-TC and MN BBC Karen Redleaf, IJAN-TC and Our World In Depth Sylvia Schwarz, IJAN-TC Ross Neely Kristen Stoeckeler Marcy Ryan, The Peace Alliance Elizabeth Johnson Bruce Braun Molly Van Avery Misa Joo Will Doolittle Anya Achtenberg Charlotte Karem Albrecht Jaime Hokanson, Twin Cities Independent Media Center Coleen Rowley, Burnsville Peace Vigil Madeline Gardner esther ouray Joyce Stone Eric Angell, Our World In Depth Eli Meyerhoff, University of Minnesota Jenna Robson, MARS Collective Linden Gawboy, Welfare Rights Committee Ed Felien Peter J. Nickitas Jim Pennino Susan Raffo Raquel (Rocki) Simoes Bill McGrath, Northfield People for Peace and Goodwill Sarah Martin Karl Hillstrom Dave Bicking Rachel Orville, MN Break the Bonds Amber Garlan Carole Ryden, Minnesota Break the Bonds Jude Ortiz Owen Marciano Lex Horan Trish Kanous Joyce Wallace, WAMM Sarah Abbott Danene Provencher, Ecology Democracy Party Andrew Fahlstrom Julie Boada Hiedi Hecker Lisa Benjamin harry greenberg Anna Baltzer mercy monroe Bruce Nestor, De Leon & Nestor, LLC gustavo Boada Kelly Brazil Lisa Albrecht, University of Minnesota Peter Rachleff, Professor of History, Macalester College Jacob Niewald Scott Wilson Myrl Beam Jeff Kolnick Meghan Wilson Laura Stone Jigna Desai Dr. Glen Coulthard, University of British Columbia Dylan Flunker Carla J. Magnuson, NLG-MN Scott Bradford Brenda Brazil Andrew Meeker Adam John Waterman, Fulbright Scholar doug sembla Cantemaza-Neil McKay, University of MN Dakota Language Dept. aaron Lierre Keith Martha Fast Horse Elise Boxer Richard E. Martinez Andrea Smith, UC Irvine Shea Peeples James Riding In saba malik David R. Friend Rob Fife Nikki Craft Jessica Sundin, Anti-War Committee Ruby Steward Dillon Thomson, Fertile Ground Max Wilbert, Fertile Ground Kathryn Price NicDhana Ben Cutbank Gabe Pinnick Lona MacKay Seymour Lyphe, RAGE Radio Against Global Ecocide Ivor MacKay Estela Lopez cecilia p norris Cheryl Angle Jeff Corntassel, University of Victoria Harlan Walker-Young, NOMENUS Church David Holyoak David Roediger Sean Maley Sinan Goknur Jessica Flannigan Stephen B. Salgaller Diane Kalchert Becky Smith David Pellow Magnus Thylen Dr. Anthony Silvaggio Lindsey Shively Max Lockwood G Nathanael Secor Adam Sherrerd Molly Looze rupert murdoch Cameron Murphey, Fertile Ground Carlos perez Gary Hoover James Kellerman Courtney Butcher Paolo Nugent Noel Whelan Michael J. Sliwa Elizabeth Goodney Farheen Hakeem, Green Party of the United States Beth Derenne Stephanie McMillan Rose Brewer Rick Kelley Jeff Weinberger Joe Iosbaker nathan pim gloria Lopez Richard Eilers susan Heather Hackman Rebecca Cummings Brian Short Florence Steichen Judy Wood Kristin Herbeck S. Myllymaki, international citizen Derrick Jensen Danielle Paul Hawley Janet Nye Hieidi Foster Peter L. Johnson Emily Johnson Corinth Matera Hannah Knazan-Lippman Eric H. Andersen Adrienne Naylor Kelley Meister William Lynch Michael Yellow Bird, Ph.D., Department of Social Work, Humboldt State University Misko Michael Wilson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Lacey Morgan Amy Lonetree Dan Peters Chris Mato Nunpa, Ph.D., Oceti Sakowin Omniciye Robert Halfhill glenmore begaye, cheii and cheii livestock Allan Hancock Elizabeth Burr Sara Grant Dana Seilhan Charmae Bartlett Tara Widner Isaac Yoder Elizabeth Sherman CHiXapkaid, Skokomish Nation mary beth faimon, LCSW Jackie Nixon Bob Schmitz, Green Party Miki Palchick Liana Buszka Janet Spring Michelle Gross, Communities United Against Police Brutality Tom Adams Julie Ortiz Nicholas Huelster Henrik Raphi Rechitsky EFC van Velthoven Lydia Howell, independent journalist Elliott batTzedek, Philadelphia Jews for a Just Peace Kathryn Kelley, Ph.D., Metropolitan State University Joanne Cockerill Dallas Livingston Elizabeth Nadeau Eli Carrotheart Robert D. Doublin Myla Vicenti Carpio Sonja Arsham Kuftinec Kelly McCarthy cynthia santos James Everest Paul Cienfuegos Polly Mann Emily Lindell K. Bohley mondi norton-westbrook Dr. Denise Lajimodiere, NDSU Nora Murphy Rachel E.B. Lang, National Lawyers Guild, Minnesota Chapter Amy Selvius michelle embree Elizabeth Hoover, St. Olaf College mary everest Marc Norton Brandon Harris Carol Warrior, University of Washington Ari Cowan Joan Malerich John Holst Barbara da Silva Janice Martineau-Dunlop, Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Community Diane Dickinson, M.D Catherine Norman Dr. Michelle LaFrance, UMass Dartmouth Margaret Sarfehjooy Amy Dexter Dana Grams, Bad river Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Karen Capuder, University of Washington Chad Uran Leah Bowe Kimberly A. DeFranco, Welfare Rights Committee Elizabeth Raasch-Gilman Stefanie Levi Chris Finley Rebecca Frost Lynette Malles claude marks, Freedom Archives Lincoln Bergman Kosta Harlan Jackie Yllescas Melissa Hill, Twin Cities Indymedia Bill Sorem, Computer Obedience School Chaim Eliyah, Seattle CISPES Joe Catron Virginia Simson Linda Thomson, Women Against Military Madness & MADD Lori Laiwa, University of California, Davis Nancy Van Ness Erin C. Stanley, MSW Tom Burke, www.frso.org Blair Kreuzer Nanette Echols Leonie Pihama, Maori And Indigenous Analysis Ltd Kimberly Heines Mark Clinton, International Socialist Organization Jessi Quizar Susan Serpa, JobsForAfghans.org Andra Palchick Felix Sanchez Erik Davis Dannye Nunn James Schmidt Sina Brown-Davis polly kellogg Aliitasi E. Stewart Michael Letwin, Labor For Palestine; Al Awda-NY, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition Don Muhr Nance Duffy Madonna YoungBearMcCarthy Fadia Abulhajj Erin Thin Elk Kenneth "Aniibiish" Andrews annekeirstead@hotmail.com Robin Ellis Michael Trepanier Ann Galloway bek Gregory Klave Anthony O Smith Premadasi Amada Susanne Waldorf, Lutheran Volunteer Corps Rachel Bryan-Auker Edie Vines Amy Hamilton Roberta Benson Leon Morton Ruthann Ovenshire Peter Jones, Indigenous Peoples Issues & Resources David Hungerford ray jackson, indigenous social justice association Kurt Seaberg Paulette F. Dauteuil, Jericho Amnesty Movement for PP's & POW's Ramon Davila-Ortiz, Pax Christi - PR Chapter Jody Tyler Brook Bernini Brooke Reynolds M. Rose Ellen M Hinchcliffe Ellen Schneeberger Barbara Kennedy Xavier Schmitz Deb Knonchne, Welfare Rights Committee Sarita See, Associate Professor, The University of Michigan ralf groh Stephanie Nohelani Teves Yvonne Dennis Alisa Bierria, UC Berkeley Dr. Melinda Micco, Mills College Christine Frank, Climate Crisis Coalition of the Twin Cities Kawina Robichaud Connor Donegan Shirlene Cox Naazneen Diwan Andy Griggs Jennifer Schreiter CJ Williams kristen melby Lauralee Proudfoot Ali Sauer T.R. McKenzie Anna Sutton Donna Wallach, Justice for Palestinians Makadebinesikwe Tessa M. Reed, Anishinaabe Paul Stone mo nishida, azuns4jericho/mumia Peter Paper Buck Lance A. Twitchell John S. Clark Garrett Wright Dustine Johnson, Sierra Club Prairie Chapter John Reese Kathleen E. Ruona, Out of Palestine Vigil & Women Against Military Madness Steff Yorek James Fellman Keith Fine The Minnesota Committee to Stop FBI Repression 2 Spirit First Nations Collective sonia aviles audrey lareau Stephanie Taylor, Students for a Democratic Society, UMN Eli Meyerhoff, University of Minnesota Franklin López, http://subMedia.tv Sarah Kardash Ben Cutbank Nicholas Brown Nick Espinosa, MIRAc Tiffany Lee, University of New Mexico Lloyd L. Lee, NAS-UNM rukhsana ghouse Hadley Pope, OWO Kelly Ryan, We The People Deanna StandingCloud Dr. Mary Jiron Belgarde, Faculty Emerita, University of New Mexico elizabeth cook-lynn Ricarda Sammaneh, American Association for Palestinian Equal Rights David Kosmak roger dufur Micaela Cadena Alice Brandt Dr.Reverend Clifford Canku, Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota Tribe rose novenario Meredith Aby, Anti-War Committee Anti-War Committee Zoe Blunt, Vancouver Island Community Forest Action Network Richard Maren Ward, Bedlam Theatre Al-Awda NY, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition Michel Perec Alonso Cardenas Barb Holznagel Kate Percuoco Michelle Tyon, Canye Wwanjila Shannon Jacobsen herbert a. davis David Whitten Smith David Whitten smith Marie Wadman Henri Chevillard David Lloyd, LA-BDS Kim J Glenn Welker, Indigenous Peoples Literature Gina Boltz, Native Village Publications Joseph Chief Bear Christine Hewitt Katie Burgess Seanna Pieper-Jordan, Yale Polly Kellogg, Professor of Human Relations, St.Cloud State University ##

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