Textual EPYC

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Alex's: P1 writes 6-sentence story; P2 gets every other line and fills in the rest; etc
Gary's: P1 writes a question; P2 writes answer; P3 the question to the answer; etc
Tailsteak's: P1 writes a four-paragraph story; P2 replaces the first paragraph; P3 replaces the second; etc
David's v1: P1 writes one paragraph of story; P2 writes the next; P3 writes the next, only knowing the previous paragraph; etc
Jim's: P1 writes one grammtical rule & satisfying sentence; P2..N write one new rule & sentence, satisfying all previous rules they see, only seeing a subset of previous rules; etc..
Sai's: P1 writes a one paragraph story; P2 writes a one sentence summary; P3 writes a one paragraph expansion; etc.

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