Chatham Arch Project Funding Request Form

GUIDELINES FOR FUNDING NEIGHBORHOOD PROJECTS Please review the following before applying and submitting the funding request form to the Chatham Arch Funding Advisory Committee. + Applicants must be a member of Chatham Arch Neighborhood Association and must live within the neighborhood boundaries. + The Chatham Arch Project Funding Request Form (CAPFRF) must be filled out to propose your request for funding a neighborhood enhancement. Please include: + A summary of your idea + How your idea would benefit the neighborhood + Any relevant photos or documents that help explain your idea + An estimate of cost(s) with notes and/or supporting bid, if possible + Any committed funds, labor or materials you have obtained + A detailed description of any ongoing maintenance required (and cost -if known) + Any other relevant information
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Project Details

Review Process:

+ After submitting the form, all projects will be reviewed by the appropriate board for approval (you will be notified of decision) + Board approved projects, costing more than $1,000, will be presented to CANA membership for approval at our monthly neighborhood meeting (last Tuesday of the month) + All projects less than $1,000 will need only board approval Please be aware that the guidelines before filling out this form. All requests will be processed in the order they are received by the Chatham Arch Funding Advisory Committee. Please note, all fields are required.

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