Cornell Sustainability Pledge

environment equity economic development I pledge to think about opportunities to incorporate sustainability into my everyday life here at Cornell, and act whenever possible to reduce my ecological impact. I pledge to: -Turn off lights when vacating my room, bathrooms, or common rooms. -Unplug appliances like laptop and phone chargers, televisions, and printers when they’re not in use. -Inform myself and my friends about what is compostable and what is recyclable in Tompkins County. -Compost and recycle everything possible in available locations. -Take only as much food as I will eat in the dining halls, and going back for more instead of overloading my plate. -Eat more local, organic, and vegetarian options. -Use a reusable water bottle instead of buying disposable ones every day. -Take shorter showers. -Turn the heat lower in the winter and the air conditioner higher in the summer. -Always print double-sided. -Buy sustainably grown food and sustainably produced products when possible. -Use energy efficient appliances. -Continue to inform myself about sustainability issues in our community, nation, and world.
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Thank your for your commitment to sustainability at Cornell!

Every member of the Cornell community plays a key role in achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, as described by Cornell's Climate Action Plan. To learn more about Cornell’s efforts and how YOU can make a difference, visit: Sustainability at Cornell: For more information, please contact

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