Journalism II Survey

The Journalism II class at George Fox University is preparing a multimedia presentation on what it means to be an American. The results of this survey will be included in the presentation. The website will launch with a live web-cast discussing the project’s outcome at the end of April. Instructions: This study is designed to help understand perceptions of what it means to be an American. Please respond to the following items carefully.
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The “American Dream” still exists.
Americans define success through material possessions.
It is important to be knowledgeable of American history.
Being an American is a privilege.
In America, anything is possible.
The world depends on America.
America is a diverse mix of cultures.
Americans are lazy.
All Americans have equal rights.
I am proud to be an American.
Freedom of Speech is a value that I hold dear.
It is important to participate in community discussions on a local or national scale.
Every vote counts.
Being an American gives me an advantage over people from other countries
Anyone can become President.
Americans are obsessed with money.
Americans are always busy.
Americans are self-centered.
America was founded on religious principles
Racism does not exist in America.
Americans are loud and obnoxious.
If you work hard in America, you will succeed.


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Thank you. Your responses will be very helpful to this study.

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