Stop Vancouver City's condo towers plan in Chinatown

We call on City Council to: * Replace all Chinatown SROs with social housing for all current residents, especially Chinese seniors, singles and families; and * Support the designation of Chinatown / Salt Water City as a UNESCO world heritage site by preserving the heritage buildings and culture of Chinatown, upholding those critical parts of the Chinatown plan, while ensuring low-income residents and their shops and services are not displaced by the higher rents caused by condos and fancy restaurants; and * Make Chinatown part of the Local Area Plan (LAP) and actively involve low-income residents of Chinatown in the LAP committee; and * Buy 10 sites for low income resident-controlled social housing within the Downtown Eastside before the next municipal election; and * Vote against adding any new density for condos within the Downtown Eastside, including Chinatown until the assets and tenure of low-income residents are secured and until the Social Impact Study and DTES Strategy are complete.
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