ASCE Dayton Section Roger F. Weiss Book Loan Award Application

The Dayton Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is opening the application period for the Fall 2014 Roger F. Weiss Book Loan Award. Application for this award is open to all UD civil engineering students who are active members in the ASCE Student Chapter. This award was established in 1985 in memory of Roger F. Weiss, a former UD civil engineering professor who was an active member of ASCE. The book loan will be awarded to one or two students and consists of: 1. The ASCE Dayton Section will purchase the technical books (math, science, engineering) required per the student’s Fall 2014 registered schedule from the UD bookstore. Non-technical books (humanities based courses, general education courses) will not qualify for this award. If you have a UD Book scholarship, that $500 will be applied to your required book purchases before the Weiss award (first to your non-technical books, then technical books) 2. The purchased books will be on loan to the student for the duration of the semester. 3. Books must be returned to the ASCE Dayton Section one week after the end of the semester. 4. The student has the option to purchase the books from the ASCE Dayton section for the amount equivalent to the return value at the UD bookstore at the end of the semester. The deadline for submitting this application is June 1, 2014. The Board of Directors for the Dayton Section of ASCE will review the applications and students will be notified of awards prior to the start of the semester. The Board will contact you to arrange a date and time to meet at the bookstore to purchase the books. If you have any questions about this scholarship or the application form, please contact Laura Bistrek at (937) 229-2407, office KL261, email AWARD NOTIFICATIONS WILL BE MADE MID-JULY 2014
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