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Ignite is a fast-paced presentation style that gives you the opportunity to share your lessons learned with a room full of drunk entrepreneurs. But there's a catch: your presentation is limited to exactly five minutes and twenty slides--and those slides advance automatically every 15 seconds. Like running a startup, giving an Ignite preso is a harrowing experience that feels great to have done and garners you lots of admirers. We encourage you to apply. Ignite: Lean Startup will take place in SF on Saturday, May 21 in the evening; exact time and place are TBD. We're looking primarily for lean startup-themed presentations: case studies, tips and flame-out stories that other people can learn from. NB: Narrow ideas and distinct stories usually work better than big picture approaches; humor helps a lot. A few choice examples of the format: Scott Berkun: How to Give an Ignite Talk Adam Goldstein: How Hipmunk Uses Design to Gain a Competitive Edge" Hilary Mason: How to Replace Yourself With a Very Small Shell Script EXTENDED DEADLINE: Proposals are due by May 4 at midnight PT.
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