ESD Safety Self-Assessment FY2009 Survey

The Self-Assessment is an internal process used to evaluate the Earth Sciences Division (ESD) Environmental, Safety and Health (ES&H) programs, policies, and processes. The process is designed to ensure that all ESD work is conducted safely and with minimal adverse effects to workers (employees, participating guests, and subcontractors), the public, and the environment. The Self-Assessment is also the mechanism to provide feedback and institute continuous improvements to ESD’s ES&H program. ( Your response and feedback as a member of ESD is highly encouraged. Questions can be addressed to ESD Safety Coordinator, Vivi Fissekidou, or call x5610. -- Thank you for your input! -- [Please scroll down the page to complete the survey. Remember to click "Submit" when you are done. This survey will remain open until September 30, 2009.]

Contact Information

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The following questions ask about methods and lines of communication as well as consistency in the message being delivered with regards to ES&H issues.

Implementing ESD and LBNL's Integrated Safety Management (ISM)

The following section will rate how well ESD has implemented the ISM and specifically asks about certain topics within the ISM as they relate to planning and performing work. ESD's ISM plan can be found at

Division Safety Line Management Response to Concerns and Issues

This section is related to how well the ESD communicates and supports and open discussion and reporting of issues, concerns, etc. in an effort to formulate lessons learned and identify action items to support a safer work environment.

Additional Feedback

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