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Welcome to the UCLA American Indian Studies Center List-Serv(s) and Postal Mailing page. Please choose from the available list-serv(s) below. Note that the list-serv administrator will review your membership subscription. Due to the high volume of spam list-serv subscriptions, every subscription is reviewed in attempt to reduce unnecessary spam submissions. If you wish to join our postal mailing list service to receive updates from the Center, events, publications, and other Center-related information via postal mail, please enter your mailing address below. Please note that joining the postal mailing list is optional. Any information we collect will only be used by the UCLA American Indian Studies Center. No information is shared with any organization or entity outside of the UCLA American Indian Studies Center. By joining any of the UCLA AISC List-Serv(s) and/or the postal mailing list, you agree to receive emails and information from the UCLA AISC. If you have any questions regarding our list-serv(s) and/or postal mailing, please contact us at: 310-825-7315. Thank you for joining the UCLA American Indian Studies Center community.
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