The Global Chefs Alliance - The Biggest Culinary Data-Base Worldwide.

Dear, chefs and culinary colleagues, Thank you for your interest into joining The Global Chef’s Alliance, which has surpassed the 18.000+ culinary professionals from all over the world. After submitting your form you will be part of the biggest culinary professional data-base available worldwide. This data-base will be used to help you find new opportunities in the market, new contacts, networking solutions, culinary events and culinary problem solving around the world. We will invite you to collaborate and profit economically in book making projects, culinary shows globally or locally and much, much more. Let’s remain united and powerful in a competitive world that needs more and more our services and presence. Thank you all for your cooperation and we are looking forward to more successes on this project and the development of this very important tool that will help us all for the first time on a global scale. Be a part of something really important and big. Important Note: all the information you are giving here is 110% confidential and only will be released to talent hunters, potential jobs, and other parties; upon your previous consent and authorization. We respect and honor your right to data privacy and only your direct verbal or written authorization will give us the right to pass it on. This is our legal binding pledge to you all. Another important note: do not repeat your application more than once, or the system will eliminate your profile automatically. Once is more than enough. With our warmest culinary regards. The Global Culinary Admin and Culinary Teams along with our Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini. Do not forget to visit the chef’s web page at: and culinary consultant services globally at: Become a fan of our Michelin starred chef and follow our activities here: Chef. Gianfranco’s Michelin rated books have been successfully launched and are for sale worldwide through the following site: Total members to date: 15.916+ (automatically refreshed the first of every month)
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