Georgia Regents University Self Assessment Disposition for Graduate Admission

This is a required assessment for the application process and your application is incomplete until it has been submitted and received. After a review of the College of Education Conceptual Framework (CF) Standards and Dispositions, complete this Self Assessment. This Self Assessment will help you reflect upon your preparedness to be an effective educator upon program admission and the advances that you will have made by program completion. Professional Dispositions for Effective Educational Professionals Definition: An effective educator is critical, flexible, creative, empathetic, responsive, enthusiastic, inclusive and reflective in his/her thinking about teaching and learning.
* Required

Conceptual Framework Standards

As you read the elements below, consider how you view yourself in the teaching and learning environment in light of these criteria. Please choose the description for each Conceptual Framework Standard that best indicates your current level of preparedness to be and effective educator! Please be honest in your assessment.

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