Blackboard Account/Course Request Form For Instructors

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS FORM IS NO LONGER NECESSARY . ALL DATA WILL BE POPULATED IN BLACKBOARD LEARN BASED ON AVAILABLE DATA IN BANNER BEGINNING IN DECEMBER, 2012. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ARCHIVE ALL COURSES CURRENTLY IN BLACKBOARD AT THE END OF EACH SEMESTER.(Tuesday, January 1, 2013) Beginning Spring 2013, all Alabama A&M University faculty, staff, and students, will have Blackboard Learn accounts. All new student users and all instructors will log into Blackboard using their Banner credentials for self-service Banner. Students who have existing accounts in Blackboard will continue to use their existing log in information. The username for Blackboard Learn, by default, will consist of the Banner ID (A number) and the password (this is case sensitive) will be the banner pin for students who have never had a blackboard account and all instructors must access the current semester courses using banner credentials. Course shells will be created for all regular semester and summer term courses listed in Banner. These shells are linked to the account of the individual named as the instructor. Enrollments in all courses will also be processed without the need for instructor involvement. All records will be updated regularly. Instructors will not lose current course shells, accounts, or content, but it is recommended that you begin to transition to logging in with your Banner credentials in order to access the current semester’s course offerings.By default this Spring, all new courses will be marked "unavailable" to students so that instructors have an opportunity to develop the course privately. This means that even if students are successfully enrolled, they will not be able to see or access the course when they log into Blackboard. In order for students to be able to access your Blackboard course, you must first make it available. This can be done immediately, or you can schedule a future "go live" date, such as the first day of classes, by entering Course Duration dates. The availability setting is located in the course Control Panel, under the Customization section on the Properties page. Instructors must log in with Banner credentials to access current semester course shells...You can log in using your previous credentials to access previously used course shells Students, if you have never used Blackboard Learn, log in with Banner credentials....Students with existing accounts, continue to use pre-existing log in credentials.......Remember the password field is case sensitive

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