Feminist Blogging Questionnaire

This questionnaire is part of a project which I'm working on on feminist blogging--specifically, feminist blogging about pop culture. I'm intentionally defining this pretty broadly, wanting to think about feminists who blog about all types of popular culture (music, film, art, theater, TV, etc.), as well as bloggers who engage in gender-based critiques of culture (whether or not they actually use the word "feminist" to identify themselves and their work.) I'm currently working on a couple of conference papers on this subject, and (as you'll see from the questionnaire) I will only use your name and/or the name of your blog in any presentations I give with your express permission--otherwise, your responses will be totally anonymous. Please feel free to leave unanswered any questions which you would prefer not to answer, and please do add any other thoughts and insights which you would like, in the questionnaire's final section. Please be in touch with me, at backoncarriesstoop@gmail.com, with any questions or concerns--and thank you for filling out this questionnaire!
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