Range Open House - Thursday, March 31st - Grad Week

The GradWeek Committee, Graduate Student Council (GSAS), UPC, and the Range present: Range Open House - Thursday, March 31st! Please register here to attend the Range Open House. Join fellow graduate students from various schools on the Range for FREE FOOD AND DRINK! Learn about the premier and historical graduate housing on Grounds and find out more about the Range Community - the representative body for all graduate students who live on the Range in the historic Academical Village at the University, designed and built by Thomas Jefferson. Please visit us at: http://www.student.virginia.edu/range/ To see other GradWeek events, visit: http://www.virginia.edu/deanofstudents/gradweek/ To check out the Graduate Student Council website, visit: http://www.student.virginia.edu/~gsasc/
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