PETITION: 100% Green Grid by 2020

IT'S TIME TO RENEW AMERICA WITH RENEWABLE ENERGY. GREEN ENERGY: America has enough solar, wind and geothermal resources to meet all of our electricity needs. NEW JOBS: Millions of new jobs will be created by shifting tax breaks and subsidies from polluting fossil fuels and dangerous nuclear power to energy efficiency and clean, healthy renewables. CUTTING CARBON EMISSIONS: A national moratorium on new coal plants, followed by a phase-out of existing coal plants, is required to cut carbon emissions to 350 parts per million or less (the level top climate scientists say is needed to secure a livable planet). BACKING COAL MINERS: Displaced coal miners deserve guaranteed retraining and healthy, safe green-sector jobs. SUPPORTING OUR VETERANS: Veterans returning from service in Iraq and Afghanistan have earned retraining and re-employment in the green jobs sector. DEMOCRATIZING ENERGY PRODUCTION: We need policies to ensure that Americans who produce renewable energy at their homes and businesses can profit from selling that energy to the grid. AMERICA’S OPPORTUNITY: We must act quickly to reassert our global economic competitiveness, revitalize our economy and secure our energy independence. WE, THE UNDERSIGNED CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, DO HEREBY CALL UPON THE PRESIDENT AND CONGRESS TO ESTABLISH A NATIONAL GOAL OF A 100% RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY GRID BY 2020. This is America. We can do it.
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