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Dear Student, [SL2College Web Chats are on recess these days. If you have specific questions please post them on the forum at We will be back with chats soon] SL2College will provide LIVE weekly web chats allowing students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies to connect with a panel of advisors. All advisors are current graduate students in the US and Canada. They will answer questions and provide information about various aspects of graduate studies, such as the application process, funding opportunities, how to write an SOP, how to improve your graduate application package, etc. A list of frequently asked questions on US or Canada Graduate application process has been listed here: Please take a look at this FAQ before you register for the LIVE web chat since many of your burning questions might have already been answered there! LIVE web chats will be available during the following days/times in January: Saturday, January 07, 9 - 10 AM Sri Lanka Time Saturday, January 21, 9 - 10 AM Sri Lanka Time **PLEASE REGISTER BELOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN A WEB CHAT - DEADLINE TO RSVP IS 24 HOURS PRIOR TO THE SESSION. This will allow advisors to contact students in case a session needs to be canceled or rescheduled.** If you are not able to make it on a day you have registered or if you have any questions, please contact us at HOW TO PARTICIPATE: 1) Register for a web chat at 2) To take part in the web chat, students should log into a chat room through the link: At any point during the session, if advisors feel the need to use voice chat to talk to students, they will use the following accounts on Skype to add students to a conference call: sl2college1, sl2college2, sl2college3. BENEFITS OF LIVE WEB CHATS WITH GRADUATE STUDENTS: 1) Students can talk to graduate students who have been through the process of applying to graduate schools. 2) Students can learn from experiences of graduate students, including how they were able to overcome various challenges and making key decisions. 3) Facilitates specific questions from students who may not want to ask them in a public forum. 4) Allows students from different years of study, universities and locations (whether they are in Sri Lanka or abroad) to log in and connect with advisors. 5) Live web chats can be especially be of use when graduate application deadlines are nearing. For students who are unable to make it to the sessions, please post your questions on the forum at Or if you would like to work one-on-one with a mentor please join our mentor program: If you are not able to make it on a day you have registered or if you have any questions, please contact us at Thank you, SL2College Team
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