Philly NetSquared's "Social Web Sampler" small group discussion topics and facilitators

The next Philly Net Tuesday will be on October 1, starting at 6:00 PM at the Friends Center, 15th and Cherry Streets. Our plan is to have 12-15 small group discussions -- four or five simultaneous discussions x three 20-minute time slots. You're invited to lead a 20-minute small group discussion on the social web tool or topic of your choice, and how it relates to social change or nonprofits. It's sort of a "mini-unconference". Maybe you're an expert. Or, maybe you're just interested in the tool or topic and willing to lead a focussed discussion about it. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR TOPIC BY FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 TO SECURE A SLOT. Feel free to add more than one topic (but please do so as a separate entry.) We'll periodically update the list of topics and facilitators on our websites, but we will NOT publish your email address there. More information and (optional) RSVP via Facebook ( or Meetup (
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