APHA Environment Section 100th Anniversary (Beta)

Dear Colleagues, In observance of the 100th anniversary of APHA’s Environment Section in 2011, we invite you to submit the names of an environmental health hero, champion, pioneer, visionary, trailblazer or unsung hero who is part of your history, part of our legacy. TELLING OUR STORY BY TELLING THEIR STORIES Who are the stars in our environmental health galaxy? The goal is to bring our members and their values and activities "alive" as part of our 100th anniversary celebration. IDEA TRIGGERS: Who are the scientists, teachers, activists, writers, researchers and policy makers who have been or are most important to you? This is not a contest. The goal is to be comprehensive and inclusive. Please use a separate form for each entry. Please send your questions and comments to: Ellie: ellie.goldberg@gmail.com Tony: DELUCIA@mail.etsu.edu
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