The American Lung Association in California Support advanced clean cars in California!

Despite ongoing progress in improving our air, the American Lung Association’s 2010 State of the Air Report found that many of California’s cities and counties are among the most polluted in the nation, illustrating the critical importance of reducing motor vehicle emissions, a leading source of pollution in our state. The California Air Resources Board is considering proposals to strengthen critical “clean car” regulations that will not only improve air quality in California, but will affect public health for generations to come across the United States. Stronger vehicle emission regulations will help to prevent thousands of asthma attacks, hospitalizations due to lung and heart disease, and premature deaths that occur annually from exposures to air pollution from vehicle traffic. These measures will also reduce emissions of greenhouse gases that drive global temperatures higher and significantly compound existing air quality and public health challenges. The American Lung Association in California’s petition is being circulated to medical organizations and professionals throughout California and will be delivered to policy makers, regulators, media outlets and other opinion leaders to demonstrate the public health importance of reducing emissions. If you have any questions about the petition, please contact Will Barrett at or (916) 554-5864. If you would like more information on ways to get engaged with the Lung Association's health and clean air advocacy, please be sure to check the Health Network for Clean Air box below. Please sign on, and circulate to other medical professionals and organizations, to encourage California to continue its clean air leadership.
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Health & Medical Professionals Pledge Support for Clean Air

The undersigned public health and medical organizations and professionals strongly support California's efforts to reduce air pollutants and greenhouse gases from motor vehicles and urge the State of California to continue its national and international leadership in promoting clean vehicle policies and technologies. Without strong action to reduce emissions, global warming will exacerbate our existing air pollution-related public health crisis. We are deeply concerned about the poor health outcomes caused by air pollution that is driven largely by transportation emissions in California. Along with triggering asthma attacks, exposure to vehicle pollution contributes to new asthma cases, impairs lung function and development and contributes to respiratory and cardiac illnesses and even premature deaths. Global warming will add to these burdens as higher temperatures lead to reduced air quality, more intense heat waves, increased wildfire smoke exposure and other public health challenges. We are especially concerned about low-income communities and other vulnerable populations including seniors, children and infants and those already suffering from lung, heart and other chronic diseases. We support the leadership of the State of California in its ongoing efforts to implement policies and programs that reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also advancing public health, air quality and environmental goals. We urge the California Air Resources Board to move forward this year to protect public health by enhancing California's Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) criteria pollutant and greenhouse gas regulations to reduce emissions from all new motor vehicles and by strengthening the state's Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) program. We believe that the strongest possible motor vehicle emission standards are critically important for the health of California residents and, as other states and the federal government adopt California vehicle standards, for the health of all Americans.

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