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Saturday, March 19th. 6pm-9pm Chicago Style in U-District 53rd and Roosevelt All-you-can-eat Chicago-style pizza for 3 full hours! All ages (no children please) You will be responsible for your own drinks and other purchases. A bar is available. Cost per person is dependent on how many people actually show up. $100 bought us pizza for 25 people, $150 after tax and tip (because we're gonna tip well on the original amount of $220). That makes $6 per person if exactly 25 people show. However, initial interest suggested that more than 25 people will show. The business is willing to accommodate up to 40 people total (it'll be tight!). In that case, 15 more people can come at a cost of $8 per person ($11 per person after tax and tip). If we assume for a second that 40 people show, that's $150 for the first 25 people and $165 for the extra 15 people. That's a total of $315 divided among 40 people or $7.50/$8.00 per person MAX!! OK, we've established that you will not pay less than $6 and not pay more than $8. Great deal, right?! But how are we going to collect without knowing the final cost? Glad you asked... We're going to start with the assumption of $8 per person or $15 for two people who come together (bring a friend, save a buck). You can pay by cash when you show up. Below is the RSVP form. Please RSVP if you plan to show, and please do not come to the party without RSVP'ing. RSVP for you and a max of one other guest, but don't feel obligated to invite someone either; the idea is to have a good time with new people, not to hang out with people you already know. If less than 40 people RSVP by a week before the event, March 12th, then I'll put a call out for you to invite more friends/roommates/siblings/non-Redditors at $8 each. If more than 40 people RSVP, then I'll whittle it down using the fairest lottery model I can think of (I'm gonna hate it if I'm forced to do this, but I see no other option). In the end, if less than 40 people show up, we'll quickly calculate what we owe the business and then refund everyone a dollar or two from the leftovers (or maybe I'll use it to buy a couple bottles of Pepto Bismal for all the people who over eat). If less than 18 people show up, then I've seriously underestimated the interest in a Reddit pizza party. But more importantly, in that case, $8 won't be enough per person to cover what we owe. I don't really have a back-up in this case so please don't let me down. RSVP and show up! DON'T ...RSVP without being sure that you will come. There is no "maybe" RSVP option and RSVP'ing early does not reserve you a spot (hence the lottery system instead of a first-come-first-serve model for picking people in case we go over the limit), so wait until you are sure. And for the love of Reddit, please don't RSVP and then not show up. If you do, I reserve the right to chastise you the next day on /r/Seattle (possibly in the form of a rage comic). up without an RSVP. Actually, this is perfectly OK as long as you're willing to be kicked out if 40 with RSVP's show up. my RSVP system by having, for example, a house of 5 guys all RSVP'ing and inviting one friend each. I don't want 10 people who know each other really well showing up at the expense of other Redditors who wanted to come to meet new people. DO ...Be willing to wear a name tag with both your first name and your Reddit name on it. This meet-up will focus on making new friends. ...Be willing to talk to people you don't know. I can come up with some really embarrassing ice breaker games if everyone is being silent. Use your imagination. ...Let me know as soon as you can if you RSVP'd and need to cancel. If it comes down to a lottery, then there might be people on a wait list. ...Bring cash, preferably correct change, to pay for the pizza. ...Bring extra cash or credit cards if you want to buy drinks. Finally, direct message me on Reddit ( or leave an extra comment on this RSVP form with questions, comments, suggestions. I'm interested in hearing from you about your ideas/concerns. Thanks for helping to make this an awesome Reddit meet-up. Hope to see you there. -Kyle
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