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A Forum to Share Community-Based Strategies to Address Health Inequity in Urban Communities – October 26, 2010 Harlem, New York City THERE IS NO REGISTRATION FEE TO ATTEND THIS FORUM. FORUM OVERVIEW We invite community residents, advocates, and organizations to the Faces of Urban Health Forum, where we will consider together how to create and sustain community-academic partnerships, how to do rigorous and meaningful research in partnership, and how to design and promote healthier policies - both in our organizations and in our government - based upon research and community values. The old research paradigm used to address health disparities and inequity confined communities to a passive role - the research subject. At the same time, this paradigm limited researchers’ ability to see the many factors that influence health in the community. Strengths, ways of knowing, values, policy barriers, were often hidden from view. The development of participatory research, where practitioners and researchers work in collaboration with communities (referred to as Participatory Action Research - PAR; Community-based Participatory Research - CBPR; Community-based Participatory Action Research - CBPAR; and Participatory Learning and Action - PLA) has led to research that directly benefits communities. What is clear is that research and action benefit when community voice is heard. The Forum is open to all community members interested in and practicing forms of action research. The Forum will include interactive workshop and platform sessions to promote the sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices throughout the United States and globally by and among community partners in the following areas: 1) effective methods in establishing, maintaining and sustaining community-academic partnerships; 2) engagement in all phases of the research process; 3) strategies for effective administration and governance through capacity-building and collaboration among community partners already engaged in community-academic partnerships and 4) successes and challenges in designing, advocating for and implementing community-driven, evidence-based systems-level change (i.e. policy). The forum will take place at the Touro College of Pharmacy, 230 west 125th street in Harlem. The main entrance to the forum is on West 124th Street between Adam Clayton Powell and Frederick Douglass Blvds. FORUM OBJECTIVES FACES OF URBAN HEALTH will showcase the voices, perspectives, and experiences of community advocates, organizations and residents who participate in urban health and social research activities within a participatory research approach. By bringing together these groups in a highly participatory format, we aim to create a unique space for attendees to exchange, learn from one another, and network on their role in research process. This involves sharing stories, experiences, and enhancing skills and capacities: · To raise awareness of effective and innovative strategies to develop and sustain community-academic research partnerships ; · To showcase how diverse community perspectives can contribute to addressing local and global urban health and social concerns; · To create spaces for participants to develop strategies for action on common issues facing local communities Who Should Participate Participants will include residents of local, regional and international communities, representatives of community organizations, government, international, national and local NGOs, foundations, students, faculty and university administrators. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FORUM IS FREE!
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Visit Facesofurbanhealth.blogspot.com where you will find more information about the Forum including the agenda, travel, and sponsorship information. If you have any further questions or do not receive a confirmation feel free to email us at facesofurbanhealth@gmail.com

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