Food Frequency Questionnaire

Fellow runners, Most of you know I am involved in research activities designed to learn more about running and runners. Currently I am working with Jenny Graef in a research project. Jenny won the OKC Memorial Marathon in 2008 and continues to run at her blistering pace. Currently, Jenny is a graduate student at OU and an aspiring dietitian and will soon receive her Master's Degree in Nutritional Science. Jenny and I want to know more about what runners eat and whether there is a dietary difference between novice and experienced runners. The attached questionnaire is designed to answer these questions. Please take a (very) few minutes to complete the questionnaire and return it through the link provided. Thank you for your time! Dr. Tom Coniglione
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How often do you consume the following dairy products?

Meat Products

Pork Products

Chicken Products

Fish Products



Vegetables, Fruit, & Snacks

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