8DPromo Music Servicing Application

**Please have a quick glance over this excellent post from our friends at untitledmusic: http://is.gd/z6pccs It sums up what we are looking for in those who would like to receive music promos from us. Thank you for your interest in receiving music from 8DPromo. As you may know, our label partners pay for our promotions, and maintaining our operations costs money. So, even though promos are free for you, they are not free for us or the labels. Because of this we have to carefully screen all of the recipients to determine if they can personally have a hand in creating sales and interest in the releases they receive. For our label partners we ask the question for every person we potentially service, "Will he or she help the label sell music?" If you feel like you can answer affirmatively to that question then please proceed to fill out the application form below.
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