Public ANSYS ICEM CFD Users Survey

This survey is to help ANSYS ICEM CFD Product Management gain additional insight into user needs.

Novice Expert

Flexible Geometry Import
Geometry Creation in ICEM CFD
Faceted Geometry Support and Repair
Build Topology tool
Patch Dependent Surface Mesh
Patch Independent Surface Mesh
ICEM CFD Shrinkwrap
Octree Tetra
Delaunay (Standard) Tetra
Delaunay (TGLib) Tetra
Advancing Front Tetra
Cartesian (Stair Step)
Cartesian (Body Fitted)
Cartesian Hexa Core (Tetra Option)
Hexa Blocking (Unstructured)
Hexa Blocking (Structured)
MultiZone (Automatic Unstructured Hexa)
Edit Mesh (Smoothing and Automatic Tools)
Edit Mesh (Interactive tools)
FEA Connectors, Properties, Loads, etc.
Output (ANSYS Inc. Solvers)
Output (3rd Party CFD Solvers)
Output (3rd Party FEA Solvers)
Post Processing
Scripting (Replay)

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