PSF GSoC`11 Umbrella Project Application

This year we're asking Python projects to apply for inclusion under our umbrella for Google Summer of Code. The application process is primarily intended to collect and manage contact information, but also serves to state our requirements of projects and foster further discussion on how to further improve students' experiences and productivity in Google Summer of Code. Once your application is approved you'll be given a section on our ideas page with relevant contact information. Before you begin, you and at least two other developers involved in your project must register accounts on as you'll be asked to provide their "link_id"'s below. The developer filling out this form will be used as the primary contact point for adding additional mentors, student rankings within your project, and for any trouble that comes up related to one of your mentors or students in the program. In the past, projects under the PSF umbrella have averaged between 1 to 3 students. Some projects get no students, in rare cases some projects have received as many as 6. We will not know how many total student slots we'll have until around April 18.
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