The UK startup map

We want to map technology startups in the UK - all over the country. The criteria for being classed a "startup" are: (1) less than FIVE years old; (2) employ less than 100 people; (3) turnover (sales, revenue) of less than £10m. If you satisfy ALL these criteria and you're a British-owned company and in the technology sector (not just internet - biotech, clean tech, clean tech, etc all count) then please enter your details here. Please note that this isn't a marketing exercise - Guardian Technology just wants to get a clearer idea of where and what technology startups there are around the UK. We'll try to create interactive maps too using this data to show where the tech hubs are and in what sectors. It could help you too to see where rivals (even helpful ones) are based. So please pass this link around among technology startups who you know and encourage them to fill it in. Questions? Problems? Email or .
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