Brown University Department of Public Safety Security Event Review Form

The Brown University Department of Public Safety (DPS) is authorized and responsible for providing security services and determining security staffing at all events/functions on campus (such as parties, dances, rallies, lectures, special speakers, dignitary visits, sporting events, etc.) including those events/functions sponsored by non-university organizations. The purpose of DPS Officers at events is for the safety and security of participants, the enforcement of laws and University policies and the protection of University property. DPS Officers are also present to assist the event sponsor and event organizer in having a safe and successful event for everyone. All event sponsors and coordinators (i.e., student organization, department, student, faculty or staff) have a responsibility for the safety and well-being of audience members and participants, as well as performers and workers. Adequate security and crowd management are integral aspects of event planning, intended to minimize actual and potential risk to all parties. Determining DPS police/security staffing at a campus event will be based on nature of event and several factors associated with the event. IF NO SECURITY ISSUES OR RISKS ARE PRESENT THERE MAY BE NO NEED FOR AN OFFICER, HOWEVER THAT DETERMINATION WILL BE MADE BY THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY, IN CONSULTATION WITH THE EVENT SPONSOR/ORGANIZER. Fill out this form and DPS will then follow up with an email to confirm the status of your need for a security detail.
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