Dryad Digital Repository Pre-Integration Questionnaire

A journal may facilitate data archiving by sending details of manuscripts to Dryad and asking authors to deposit supporting data in Dryad. This allows Dryad to create a provisional record for the data, and simplifies the authors' data deposit process. Articles with corresponding data in Dryad include a link to the archived data in all forms of the article, and the Dryad data record links to the article, enabling two-way discovery. Upon publication, Dryad incorporates the final bibliographic details. The data transfer between the journal’s manuscript submission system and Dryad * guarantees that records have high quality metadata, * ensures that data identifiers appear in the publication of record, * reduces the burden of data submission on authors. Documentation for integrating the journal's manuscript processing system with Dryad is at http://wiki.datadryad.org/Submission_Integration Please provide the information below to initiate the process of integrating your journal's manuscript processing system with the Dryad repository. If you have questions about anything on this form, please contact Meredith Morovati, Executive Director, at mmorovati@datadryad.org. For more information about Dryad, visit the repository at http://datadryad.org/
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1. Journal information

2. Notifications of initial manuscript details

When integration is in place, the journal will send details (metadata) about its new manuscripts to Dryad, to enable Dryad to create and pre-populate a record for the supporting data. Dryad will contact the relevant journal staff to explain the email format required, and to test to ensure that the process works smoothly, before authors are asked to deposit data.

3. Journal policies and preferences for data archiving

Once integration with Dryad is in place, the journal may invite authors to deposit data in Dryad. Please indicate how you plan to implement this, so Dryad can support your process appropriately.

4. Journal contacts for notices from Dryad

Dryad curators send email notifications with details of data submitted in connection with the journal. These reports enable journals to monitor their authors' activity in Dryad. Both immediate notices and weekly summaries are available. Notices of approved data packages contain the Dryad DOI for inclusion in the final article. Please indicate who should receive these notices. NOTE: All data packages in Dryad receive a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) so the data can be permanently linked to, and cited. The journal will ensure that a reference to the Dryad DOI is included in all forms of published articles with data in Dryad. Dryad suggests this format: Data available from the Dryad Digital Repository: http://dx.doi.org/10.5061/dryad.####

5. Dryad display of journal image

The Dryad repository always links to the relevant article on the journal's website. Dryad will also display the journal's choice of a cover image (or logo or banner) to show alongside the data from the journal.

6. Agreement to integrate article submission with Dryad

7. Dryad membership and charges

There are no charges for implementing or using Dryad integration, however Dryad is a nonprofit organization and welcomes new members and supporters of data archiving. We offer two ways to become involved: membership, and sponsorship of Data Publishing Charges (DPC).

Thank you!

Thank you for supporting the Dryad Digital Repository and data archiving.

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