Automate 2011 Conference - Abstract Submission Form

The Automate 2011 Conference seeks non commercial, educational presentations on a wide variety of topics. Sessions are currently being planned on topics such as those listed below. If you don't see your desired topic, but think that it is appropriate for the large audience of automation buyers, please suggest it. Submit by December 10, 2010. ROBOTICS The Fundamentals of Robotics Robotics System Integration Advances in Robotics Research Robots for Picking, Packaging and Palletizing Applications New Developments in Robot Safety The Latest Developments in Service Robotics The Latest Advances in Mobile Robots High-Speed Robotic and Vision Solutions Advances in Robot Software & Simulation Case Studies of Successful Robotic Solutions VISION & IMAGING The Fundamentals of Machine Vision Beginning Lighting & Optics for Machine Vision Camera and Image Sensor Technology Basics Basic Vision Software and Algorithms Designing High Speed Vision Systems Camera Interface Technologies 3-D Machine Vision Solutions Machine Vision in Gauging & Measurement Applications Non-Visible Imaging Case Studies of Successful Machine Vision Solutions Advances in LED Lighting and Lighting Techniques Advanced Optics for Vision Advanced Vision Lighting Advanced Vision System Integration Advanced Color Theory Advanced Color Imaging Advanced Software for Vision Advanced Camera and Image Sensor Technology Advanced Vision Guided Robotics MOTION CONTROL New Motion Control Technologies Designing Motion Control Systems New Developments in Step Motors Energy Efficient Motion Solutions Advanced Drive Technologies High-Speed Motion Systems Communication Protocols for Motion Systems Servo Control Strategies OTHER AUTOMATION TOPICS Cost Justifying Automation Advances in Robotic Vision The Latest Developments in Human-Machine Interfaces
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