Excellence in Student Leadership: Nomination Form

The Excellence in Student Leadership awards recognize individuals who live a commitment to the values of justice and caring; act from a strong self-concept; think critically and creatively; take risks willingly; communicate effectively; exercise power appropriately; articulate a positive sense of direction; and evoke hope. A student leader: - Participates in Community Building - Mentors fellow students - Creates opportunities for engagement and involvement - Contributes to the overall excellence of CCA - Articulates a positive sense of direction - Thinks critically and creatively Please help the college recognize outstanding students who significantly enhance learning inside and outside the classroom. You can play a vital role in thanking and acknowledging these leaders by submitting nominations. - You may only nominate one student leader for one category - You are welcome to send nominations for more than one student leader Thank you for taking the time to recognize these outstanding students. Nominated students will be recognized in a private reception at the end of the spring semester. The Excellence in Student Leadership Committee
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